Photo Shoot Prep List

We want to highlight the property in the best possible way. This checklist covers some of the common things that need to be completed to make the house photo ready.


• Turn on all lights in the house, including fireplaces, lamps, and under-cabinet lights.

• Replace any missing light bulbs.

• Turn off all ceiling fans.

• Minimize clutter and remove all items off countertops (including kitchen appliances, remotes), tables, night stands, etc.

• Remove small throw rugs, including doormats and bathroom mats.

• Remove all items from bathroom countertops, sinks, showers, and tubs.

• Please keep all pets restrained on a leash, in a kennel, or offsite during your Appointment.


• Remove yard signs (For Sale, home security, school, etc.).

• Put away water hoses, toys, cleaning supplies, recycle bins, and other miscellaneous items that are not directly part of the exterior area.

• Arrange outdoor furniture as you would like it photographed. If there is a patio umbrella, please open it.

• Sweep/remove leaves and other items in patio areas.

• Clean pool and remove any toys