5 Things to Know When Staging your House for a Quick Sale

Selling your clients house as fast as possible is the overall goal. Here are 5 tips on how to do that.

Staging a home has been proven over and over again to be an effective strategy for making a quick sale. Agents have testified that staging your house has an effect on how potential buyers view the house. This is because it helps them imagine living within your space. So, without further ado, here are 5 simple but important things to know when staging your house for a quick sale.

Make a Long-lasting First Impression

To make the best impression on a buyer, you must get rid of clutter. From the front entrance, which would be the first place they see, to every other square inch, make sure they get the charm. Keep the plants well-groomed, trim the bushes, polish your furniture, and repaint even. All these make your house look good as new. If the buyers get the best impression of your house, then you can be guaranteed a sale of your home.

Highlight the Best Assets

When staging your home for sale, always highlight the most important rooms. The living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms are the major rooms potential buyers want to know about. You have to remove all personal effects as the goal is to have buyers thinking of it as their space, not as one people live in. Also, don’t forget that these rooms have to be cleaned and brightened up (replacing light bulbs or fixtures if necessary).

Play with Colors

Colors will play a major role in portraying the feel of a home. Some rooms like the bathroom and kitchen are better left neutral while other rooms like the kid's bedroom or even the primary  bedroom can be brightened up with colors. You do not necessarily have to repaint the whole home, just add nice touches like pillows or beautiful bed covers. They are small yet significant touches. 

Repair it All

During staging, every single repair is necessary, and nothing should be neglected. No buyer wants a fixer-upper. The less work they have to do in the house, the better it is for them. Make sure you scratch and fix all the little mistakes in the house. Use a foam eraser pad to remove scuffs on walls made by your pets, fill in cracks, and polish floors if you can.

Brighten Up Rooms

Dull rooms are a huge turn off when staging. Brighten up your rooms by opening windows and turning on light fixtures. A well-lit up room is more pleasant to see. It boosts the sale potential of your house. Besides, they make rooms look more aesthetic in pictures. Also, well-lit rooms give your home a sunny disposition (Pun intended!). 

When staging your home for sale, you simply have to highlight your home's best features. Every step you take while staging is centered on this fact. It may cost a lot of money or not but know that you do not have to break the bank. Following the five tips listed above is sure to make your home attractive to the right buyer.

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