4 Questions to Consider When Choosing a RE Photographer

It's an important decision to choose a real estate photographer, so we outlined 4 questions you should consider when you choose the next pro RE photographer.

As we have previously discussed here on this blog, photos are a non-negotiable part of real estate sales. But with so many agencies and their various levels of experience and differing areas of experience how can you be sure that you are getting the best possible product for your money? We have put together 4 tips that will allow anyone to successfully screen their options and decide on the best photography offer.

Turnaround Time

This goes without saying, but Turnaround Time (or TAT) is a significant factor in determining if you want to use an agency’s service.  Of course, each agent or brokerage is going to have their own needs when it comes to deadlines and such.  As a rule of thumb, it is a good idea to confirm with the photographer how long they need to complete the project beforehand. Remember, real estate photography is more than just snapping pictures, it is a complicated process that requires expertise in lighting, composition, and editing. 


As with any professional relationship, communication is key. A mantra that we do business by is “Constant and competent.” We are always available and strive to provide the most useful suggestions for shooting your property.  As photographers, we understand that you may lack direction in how to approach photography for your listing.  Truthfully, any photographer who’s worth their salt will do this, but great ones will give detailed advice and guide you through the entire process. As an extension of communication, you should also find a photographer that knows his or her limitations and can wholly meet your needs.

Photography Techniques

Here are some buzzwords to look for when choosing a photographer. If you hear these, it’s a good sign—you are clear to continue working with this individual or team. If they use wide-angle or tilt-shift lenses, this is a good sign and means they likely know what they are doing.  Ask what camera they use.  Any of the following models are top choices: Sony, Canon, Nikon.  


Considering that photography is utilized in nearly every industry today, it has become a highly specialized field.  In other words, a fashion photographer has a much different job (and therefore skillset) when compared to a sports photographer.  As a result, you must confirm that your photographer specializes in real estate and make sure that they have experience in the field. You do not want to be a guinea pig.  We suggest asking for samples from their previous projects and talking to their team leader to gauge their experience level.

At the end of the day, it is your money, and you have every right to feel confident in the work that you are commissioning.  In fact, unless you feel that level of confidence in your photographer, do not go through with it. Photography is a craft and you must be sure that you secure a team that has a proven record of delivering quality photos that meets their customers’ needs.

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