3 Reasons Why Lighting is Crucial in Real Estate Photography

Did you know houses that have professional quality, well-lit photos sell 32% faster?

The perfect real estate photographs make a lasting first impression on potential home buyers. Many realtors admit that it helps get listings off the market faster. According to recent studies, it is 32% more likely that homes with high-quality photographs will be bought. To produce high-quality pictures that will attract potential customers, lighting is key. So, I will be discussing 3 reasons why lighting is crucial in real estate photography.

An image comparing a dark and gloomy room to a well lit bright and welcoming room

It Sets the Right Mood to Display your Property

Taking dark and gloomy real estate photographs is a rather terrible idea as it could set the wrong mood or tone about a listing, giving potential buyers a wrong first impression of it. When buyers view a listing online, they need to envision living within that space, and a dimly lit photograph will be less appealing. A poorly lit photograph will be overlooked when compared to its well-lit counterpart, in which natural and artificial lighting has been taken advantage of. Typically images that make use of lighting techniques are perceived as beautiful and aesthetic. Besides, as a real estate photographer, dimly lit photos scream amateur rather than professional.

It Amplifies the Characteristics of your Property

Lighting amplifies the characteristics of a listing that you want potential buyers to take note of. Lighting makes it much easier to manipulate colors in a room. Dark, unenticing areas of a home achieve a special glow when lit. Ideally, natural lighting is used when photographing interiors as every item within the space is viewed differently, but it can be coupled with artificial lighting for rooms that do not let in much natural light. The position of lighting also matters. Side lighting is often a much better choice than direct lighting, as the shape of the objects become more distinctive, intricate wooden details stand out, furniture glows, and images have a level of depth attached to them. Also, lighting creates an illusion of space. It could make a rather small room appear much bigger than it actually is.

It Could Determine the Successful Sale of a Listing

High-quality photographs greatly represent the perspective of a listing and are more likely to be viewed by buyers. As new methods for making listings more visible online emerge, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), buyers may not have to travel a distance before purchasing a property. A 3D tour could be viewed to get a feel of the property. Therefore, the quality of images has to be up to par. If they are poorly lit, the tone about the quality of the property will be unpleasant. More so, specific points have to be captured when creating 3D tours as the perfect illumination casts a much realistic feel to the images used in generating the tours.

The choice of lighting greatly determines the desirability of a listing. It says a lot about the features, quality, and beauty of it. It also leaves a long-lasting impression and determines how quickly properties are being sold.

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